Beaches on Long Island

If you want to visit beaches of your dreams Stella Maris, Long Island, is the right place.
Come and find the many beaches; one more pristine than the next one.

First, the breathtaking Cape Santa Maria beach: a 3 mile long beach
with white very fine powderlike sand, one of the prettiest in the world..

Next the Love Beaches with 7 lagoons or the rock pools giving you an invitation to sit,
splash, and stay vacationing forever.

Find more pretty places like Poseidon`s Point, Columbus Point, Deals Beach
they all are very close to Stella Maris........they all wait for you !

Finally, if you want more: there are O'Neils Beach, Salt Pond Beach, Millers Beach,
Guana Cay Beach and the famous deep hole Dean`s Blue Hole.

Come and Enjoy.