Scuba Diving Snorkeling

Crystal clear waters and friendly views introduce you to Long Island water sports.

A five minute walk takes you to "Coral Gardens" a snorkeling paradise.

Off shore only 100 feet brings you a 10 acre formation of stag coral towering 60 ft from a sandy bottom teaming with tropical fish of all shapes and sizes, turtles, starfish, lobster.

Bring your favorite gear.

Go Scuba Diving here on Long Island with 2 complete professional dive facilities offering day / night / overnight diving around Long Island.

World class PADI / SSI learn to dive.

Join the pros at renowned "Shark Reef" and the breathtaking " Conception Island Wall ".

Bring your own equipment or rent here. See FOREVER in pristine waters.

Scuba Diving points at Westside of Long Island:

1.) Cape Santa Maria Shipwreck, 100 ft. long sunken comberbeach in 100 ft. deep

2.) Grouper Point, spawnmeeting with thousands of groupers in December.

3.) Blue Holes

4.) Shark Reef, the sharks come to eat and divers can make movies.

Scuba Diving points at Eastside of Long Island:

  1. Conception Island, nature-reserve and deep walls to dive.
  2. Coral Garden with caves, valleys, corals of all kind, lobsters, turtles and fishes.
  3. Guana Cay, a little coconut island with 10 inches lizards, you can feed them and big sting-rays, they come for all what is new, like you.
  4. These are only some highlights close to Stella Maris !

    Also possible: you can rent snorkeling and diving equipment. Also available scuba diving instruction.